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My Spiritual Health

My Spiritual Health

At a young age, I was always able to pick up on how individuals were feeling or read the energy of a room and tell if something was “off.” I never really thought much about it and believed this was how everyone was because I was never educated about being empathic. Being around negative energy [lower frequencies] always left me fatigued and agitated without any knowledge as to why. Over the past several years I have been learning more about myself and the why behind the way I am being affected on a level different than most.

Being sensitive to the frequency of those around me has gone as far as to physically impact me in some cases. Water – I have found – helps to cleanse my energy from those whose energies I collect. My passion following this is working with the energies of other people and helping them to find peace within themselves. Being able to have recognition in this field has allowed me to learn how to set up boundaries for my own protection and successfully complete my license in Massage Therapy and Reiki Lvl 1.

Spiritual health is something I have been lucky in being able to work on early in life. A lot of this has to do with my being an inward thinker always looking for a deeper meaning and purpose; I have always been one to look at the bigger picture wondering how to heal the world. When I was younger, I tried to find spirituality in religion – but I found it to be prophecy with a misogynistic twist. In my mid-20s I started becoming more involved with yoga and would find peace in myself putting aside time for meditation or spending time in nature.

Connecting to myself on a spiritual level has brought me a lot of peace; I am able to separate myself from otherwise dramatic events and remain grounded. The world has become more still in a sense and I have been able to connect to my true self. Becoming this version of me has not been an overnight happening and I am working on me every day; but, I have been able to overcome my anxiety, depression, and feeling of being lost in the world. When connecting to the deeper purpose of ourselves, peace comes with it, because we are able to start weeding out what is and what is not meant to accompany us on our paths to our authentic selves.