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My Mental Health

Throughout my life, different events mixed with my genetics have caused me to see some very dark times. Both of my parents have depression, which is a mental disease of chemical imbalance in the brain causing a lack of serotonin. My own experience of clinical depression has caused me to feel disconnected from life, to … Continue reading My Mental Health

Spiritual Health gives us room to move freely in this world. It allows us to make real connections with the groups of people we were meant to travel this life with.

Our spirituality is what drives our beliefs, morals, and values. Everyone has a higher power they look to for guidance and a “little voice” that urges them to take action the way they do. Our spiritual health allows us to feel at peace within ourselves and to allow space for others. Through a healthy spirit we are able to be more patient, extend kindness, and recognize we are all traveling our own paths home.

When someone hears spirituality, they often relate it to religion, which isn’t always the case. People find spirituality in different ways – it is the place you feel at peace and truly connect with yourself. Finding peace can be difficult to accomplish in today’s world. There are many reasons spirituality is a struggle; from outside influences to our own self-doubt. Continuing to listen to that “little voice” inside of us is our guiding light.

Spiritual health allows us the space we need to grow and find our purpose in life. Our mental, emotional, and physical health can be compromised when we aren’t strong in our spirit. Being at peace internally radiates externally, reaching into our health in all other aspects. When we become more in tune with our authentic selves, we can begin to feel alienated from what it is we are accustomed to and the people we have built relationships with. It’s okay! To become our authentic selves, we must shed what doesn’t belong in our lives in the first place – that is what is keeping us down.

In order to make room for the new, we must shed what is not healthy for us in any way, shape, or form. Find the passion that calls you and clear your path of anything hindering you to reaching those goals. Dreams can be reached as long as you are willing to go through the obstacles and face the strife that may stand in your way. Continue to grow, recognize what is not meant for you, and connect to your authentic self to strive toward your higher self.

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