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Mental Health plays a part in our seeing the light and dark in the world; but ultimately it dictates which of the two consumes us.

Mental health is how the chemicals in our brains affect how we feel, along with our perception of the world and others. Many of us struggle with, or know someone who struggles, with mental health. In today’s world it’s easy to do when their are so many versions of us to be, but not knowing who we truly are. Our diets, genetics, ability to be physically active, and the content we see every day also feed our mental well-being in a positive or negative way.

This category of well-being drives us to believe what we can and cannot achieve, as well as how we view those around us. It is important to have a good mental outlook so that we are reaching our potential. I believe that our mental health is the base building block that drives the other health categories. When our mental health is not up to par, we tend to allow other areas of our lives to slip.

Mental illnesses range and don’t discriminate, so being understanding toward others and ourselves is important. Steps we can all take to seeing our mental health flourish would be first acknowledging mental diseases have symptoms that can affect our day-to-day lives. Secondly, just like any other illness, there are ways to help manage them. Ensure whatever route and steps are necessary be taken to help stay grounded; never be afraid to find someone to talk to. Counselors can help immensely when there’s no light to be seen at the end of the tunnel.

Through a healthy mental state we are able to see life for what it is with neutrality and react either positively or negatively, which ultimately gives us the corresponding perspective. Physically, poor mental health can make us fatigued or cause us to completely shut down in caring for ourselves. If we aren’t well mentally, our beliefs and values on a spiritual level often waver, which can cause uncertainty and disdain in our life’s purpose.

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