Emotional Health

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Emotional Health drives the way we communicate with others and express the way we feel.

When we have higher emotional intelligence, we are able to better process conflict and understand the feelings of others while remaining separate. Those with lower emotional intelligence tend to fan the fires of conflict or refuse to see the opposite persons point of view. Having positive emotional well-being leads to success in relationships, health, and work. It also leads to being more in control of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and gives strength to being able to manage stress and difficult situations – an example being using substances as crutches. This gives us insight to being able to identify our own strengths and weaknesses.

Being emotionally healthy allows individuals to create and maintain relationships. We are meant to be social beings, whether it’s with one person or a room full of people. Finding a way to communicate neutrally, connecting with others, and becoming part of a community are ways to promote emotional well-being. This aspect of health also effects the energy we externally emit to reveal how we truly feel internally. Through positive self-talk, finding constructive ways to express emotions, and being able to honestly confront our feelings we nurture our ability to become more emotionally healthy.

Emotional health effects how we take care of ourselves physically through hygiene, appearance, and higher energy levels. Mentally, there is more confidence, optimism, patience and understanding. Lastly, emotions effect us spiritually through our connection with a higher power and the ability to connect with our emotions, then learn from and release them.

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